Azzurre: Italy’s 2023 Women’s World Cup squad numbers confirmed

With the squad announced and Italy's 2023 Women's World Cup squad already having touched down in New Zealand, take a look at the Azzurre's confirmed squad numbers to familiarise yourself with the players called up.

The official squad photo of the Italy Women's National Team ahead of the 2023 Women's World Cup. (@AzzurreFIGC)

With the 2023 Women’s World Cup set to be a historic one and the Italy Women’s National Team squad confirmed, the official squad numbers to be worn by each of the players taking part in Australia and New Zealand is now known.

Following the publication of the official Azzurre squad photo, which was taken before the side set off for Auckland, the team’s squad numbers have been finalised.

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Barbara Bonansea Italy shirt number: Why is she wearing the No.8 at the Women’s World Cup?

Barbara Bonansea and the No.11 shirt go hand in hand, both for Juventus and for the Azzurre, so seeing her listed as No.8 for this summer’s Women’s World Cup came as a surprise to many. There is, though, a reason behind the decision to leave the No.11 shirt to Benedetta Glionna.

Bonansea’s Juventus and Italy teammate – and close friend – Martina Rosucci has been forced to miss the Women’s World Cup having suffered an injury to her cruciate ligament during the 2022/23 season. Rosucci typically wears the No.8, so Bonansea has decided to take the shirt as a gesture to the midfielder.

Italy 2023 Women’s World Cup shirt numbers

Below is the complete list of Italy’s 2023 Women’s World Cup shirt numbers, in numerical order. Beneath this list you will find every Azzure player’s shirt number by position.

  1. Laura Giuliani
  2. Emma Severini
  3. Benedetta Orsi
  4. Lucia Di Guglielmo
  5. Elena Linari
  6. Manuela Giugliano
  7. Sofia Cantore
  8. Barbara Bonansea
  9. Valentina Giacinti
  10. Cristiana Girelli
  11. Benedetta Glionna
  12. Rachele Baldi
  13. Elisa Bartoli
  14. Chiara Beccari
  15. Annamaria Serturini
  16. Giulia Dragoni
  17. Lisa Boattin
  18. Arianna Caruso
  19. Martina Lenzini
  20. Giada Greggi
  21. Valentina Cernoia
  22. Francesca Durante
  23. Cecilia Salvai
  24. Maria Luisa Filangeri (part of the preparation squad only)
  25. Beatrice Merlo (part of the preparation squad only)

Confirmed Italy 2023 Women’s World Cup squad with shirt numbers


Rachele Baldi – No.12 (Fiorentina), Francesca Durante – No.22 (Inter), Laura Giuliani – No.1 (AC Milan).


Elisa Bartoli – No.13(AS Roma), Lisa Boattin – No.17 (Juventus), Lucia Di Guglielmo – No.4 (AS Roma), Maria Luisa Filangeri* – No.24 (Sassuolo), Martina Lenzini – No.19 (Juventus), Elena Linari – No.5 (AS Roma), Beatrice Merlo* – No.25 (Inter), Benedetta Orsi – No.3 (Sassuolo), Cecilia Salvai – No.23 (Juventus).


Arianna Caruso – No.18 (Juventus), Valentina Cernoia – No.21 (Juventus), Giulia Dragoni – No.16 (Barcelona), Manuela Giugliano – No.6 (AS Roma), Giada Greggi – No.20 (AS Roma), Emma Severini – No.2 (Fiorentina).


Chiara Beccari – No.14 (Juventus), Barbara Bonansea – No.8 (Juventus), Sofia Cantore (Juventus), Cristiana Girelli – No.10 (Juventus), Valentina Giacinti – No.9 (AS Roma), Benedetta Glionna – No.11 (AS Roma), Annamaria Serturini – No.15 (AS Roma).

*Filangeri and Merlo will join the squad for the preparation period in New Zealand, but will not be in the final 23.