Ready to move away from the iconic Stadio San Siro, AC Milan will be submitting their new stadium plans in the near future. The Rossoneri intend for the new stadium and some additional club facilities within the area to be completed by the end of this decade.

Former AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni wanted the club to have their own stadium, and his successor Gerry Cardinale has shown his ambition by trying to make this project a reality.

According to Tuttosport, via Calcio Mercato, the approval for the project is likely to be given within the next 18 months, and the construction of the new AC Milan stadium will probably begin in the summer of 2025. The deadline will be set around 2028 and 2029, but it could even be completed as early as 2027.

AC Milan’s tifo at San Siro in the Champions League against Napoli. [@acmilan]

Where will the new AC Milan stadium be located?

AC Milan plan to have the new stadium constructed in San Donato Milanese, a neighbourhood southeast of Milan’s historical centre, and it will be built on an area that is 108,000 square metres.

Although the stadium will be the main attraction, the remaining 127,000 square metres surrounding the ground will have other facilities for Rossoneri fans. Those include: a new headquarters for the club, a club museum, a hotel, an entertainment complex, an arena that can hold 3,000-4,000 people, and a centre for producing sustainable energy.

The AC Milan hierarchy will take their plans to the Municipality of San Donato Milanese, so the Municipal Administration can review the master plan of the whole project. Then, an agreement with Regione Lombardia will have to be sought in order to determine the project timeframe and the financial structure of the project.

How will the new AC Milan stadium be designed?

AC Milan are working in conjunction with Kansas-based firm Manica Architecture on the design, and the design of the structure will partially take inspiration from the Signal Iduna Park, the home ground of German club Borussia Dortmund.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports, via, that the stadium at San Donato will have a capacity of 70,000 people, and it will have two tiers unlike the Stadio San Siro’s three.

The stadium is expected to be an oval-shaped rectangle with long square sides and rounded curves, and the standing sections will be as vertical as possible and closer to the pitch than the seating areas. The roof will not be retractable because it will only cover the stadium partially.

San Siro ahead of AC Milan vs Newcastle in the Champions League. [Photo:]

AC Milan new stadium name

The new stadium in the San Donato district in Milan will likely feature the name of a sponsor as opposed to naming it after a former player or president like most other stadiums in Italy, including the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro).

According to Tuttosport, via Calcio Mercato, AC Milan are entering talks with Emirates to renegotiate the terms of their sponsorship contract, and it is probable that the stadium will be named after the Emirati airline, much like Arsenal‘s Emirates Stadium in North London. The strategic move should further consolidate the relationship between the two parties.