Calls for Juventus to be stripped of Serie A titles: It’s the right thing to do

Juventus' recent points deduction might just be the beginning of punishments for the Bianconeri, and some are demanding that they are stripped of domestic titles.


Neapolitan journalist Raffaele Auriemma has called for the Serie A titles won by Juventus in the 2010s to be stripped off the Bianconeri after they were found guilty of financial fraud.

Juventus received a 15-point deduction because of the capital gains investigation, but the editor and founder of ‘Si Gonfia la Rete’ demands further punishment for the Italian giants.

Napoli have finished as runners-up four times in the last 10 years, which would mean that the Partenopei would add to their two Serie A titles if Juventus‘ were to be revoked.

Revoking Serie A titles off Juventus would benefit Napoli

Auriemma spoke to Tele A about his suggestion, and he believes that stripping the Serie A titles off Juventus would be a fitting punishment, not just for the mere sake of giving Napoli extra silverware.

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia wheels away in celebration after scoring Napoli’s second against Juventus. [@sscnapoli]

“I would like it if in front of the definition ‘alteration of results’ there was also the revocation of some scudetti,” he said.

“Not just to give them to Napoli, but because it is right since Juve won those titles with irregular stratagems.”

Could Napoli be handed Juventus’ Serie A titles?

If the Italian authorities went as far as to strip Juventus of their Serie A titles, Napoli would be awarded for the seasons 2012/13, 2015/16, 2017/18, and 2018/19.

Walter Mazzarri was the coach of the Partenopei when they finished nine points behind the Bianconeri in 2012/13 and Edinson Cavani finished as the leading goalscorer with 29 goals. After the end of that campaign, Mazzarri went to coach Inter while the Uruguayan striker joined French giants Paris Saint-Germain.

Current Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri spent three seasons at Napoli, and his Ciucciarelli side finished nine points behind La Vecchia Signora in 2015/16, then four points back two seasons later. The 2017/18 campaign was arguably the most remarkable of the lot as the Neapolitans collected 91 points and it still was not enough to topple Juventus.

Carlo Ancelotti, who is now back at Spanish giants Real Madrid for a second spell, took Napoli to second place in 2018/19 and they finished 11 points behind Juventus. However, the Bianconeri were leading by as much as 20 points up to Matchday 33.


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