Guardiola post-Champions League final press conference: “Man City win written in the stars, Inter will be able to try to win again”

Gracious in victory, Pep Guardiola piled praise onto Simone Inzaghi and Inter for their efforts in the 2023 Champions League final.


ATATURK OLYMPIC STADIUM (Istanbul): Pep Guardiola dedicated his first words as a Champions League winner to Inter, congratulating them “for the performance” and adding that Manchester City’s victory was “written in the stars”.

“I know how Inter feel, there are no words to heal the pain now but I want to congratulate them for the performance,” Guardiola said in his post-match press conference at the Ataturk Stadium, for which Total Italian Football was in attendance.

“However, they’re the second [best] team in Europe, and when you’re the second team in Europe you’re at a really high level.”

Guardiola surprised by Inzaghi

Guardiola admitted that the game could’ve gone differently had Inter taken advantage of one of their chances, also acknowledging he was not prepared for some of Simone Inzaghi’s tactical choices.

“This final was written in the stars for us. I’m very happy but, to be honest, they had some huge opportunities in the final minutes and we could’ve lost in extra time had they scored one of them,” Guardiola said.

“We struggled a bit in the first half as we didn’t expect some [of their] movements, like [Hakan] Calhanoglu on Rodri, there was little space for [John] Stones and [Ruben] Dias.

“In the closing minutes, they were better – [Andre] Onana was playing like a holding midfielder, and Ederson rescued us.

“We could’ve lost this game, but it’d be the same – people would call us losers, but we’d be the same coach and players.”

Pep Guardiola, Champions League. (@ManCity)

However, Guardiola stressed that the Nerazzurri played at the level he expected: “I knew that Inter could cause us trouble,” he said.

“It’s a great great team, in Italy you love to play the underdog game and put pressure on the rivals… but, for me, they’re an excellent team in every element.

“Now they’re sad, just like we were after our last final, but if they keep up like this they’ll be able to try again.”


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