FIGC president Gravina responds to Mancini’s comments after Italy resignation: “I did not deserve what he said”

Roberto Mancini's resignation from Italy came as a shock to many, but he explained his reasoning publicly. FIGC president Gabriele Gravina has since hit back at Mancini's comments, labelling them as 'discouraging, incorrect and offensive'.


The drama surrounding Roberto Mancini‘s resignation as the Italy Men’s National Team coach is not going away, with the Italian Football Federation – FIGC – president Gabriele Gravina refuting claims made by Mancini about his role in the coach’s resignation.

Mancini publicly complained, after he had stepped down, that there was far too much interference in his work from Gravina and the FIGC in general, leading to him calling time on his spell with the national team shortly before the next set of important European Championship qualifiers.

Gravina denies Mancini‘s claims, and has put Luciano Spalletti in position with a good amount of time to prepare for the upcoming fixtures against North Macedonia and Ukraine.

Mancini explains Italy resignation

Italy coach Roberto Mancini. (@Azzurri)

It seems that micro-management was the primary reason behind Mancini growing tired of his role with Italy, as he claims Gravina was trying to influence decisions at every level.

Speaking to La Repubblica (via Football Italia), the former coach was very honest about what was going on behind the scenes.

“I explained to him that in these months I needed to be given support and calm, but he didn’t do that and so I resigned,” Mancini said.

Gravina had been trying for a year to revolutionise my staff. I tried to tell him that at most he could add a couple of new faces, but he couldn’t take away two members of a group that works and had won. If anything, it should be me who decides to substitute a member of my staff.

Gravina had for a while thought about things very differently from me. I was massacred purely for my decision. I wanted to send a signal to the President, he could’ve helped me if he had wanted to.”

Gravina hits back at Mancini

Naturally, Gravina has professed his innocence and denies what Mancini has said about him, calling the comments ‘discouraging, incorrect and offensive’.

His interview was with Corriere della Sera and he was very adamant about how Mancini was trying to spin the record.

“I do not want to fuel further controversy. But they were discouraging, inappropriate and offensive statements towards me. I do not deny the friendly relationship with Roberto, who has always shown style. I hope he will reconsider his position,” Gravina said.

“I never invaded the field, never suggested a player, never asked for the formation. I did not deserve what he said.

“I keep wondering why Mancini said certain things. And I wonder if he said them for real, because he knows very well that the reality is the exact opposite of what he said.”

Gravina also explained that the resignation from Mancini was a shock for him and he did not even learn about it first-hand from the former Inter and Manchester City coach.

Roberto never told me he wanted to leave. I first heard about the resignation from his wife, Silvia Fortini, who is his lawyer, the day before a formal pec arrived at the Federcalcio offices. Considering the personal relationship I would have appreciated it more if Mancini had expressed his will by looking me in the eye,” Gravina said.


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