Juventus resignations: Juventus appoint new club president

Juventus have chosen their new president following the mass resignations that have thrown the club into disarray.


Juventus are set to appoint Gianluca Ferrero as the new president of the club following the resignation of Andrea Agnelli and the other directors on Monday evening.

The Dutch holding company named Exor, which is controlled by the Agnelli family which owns Juventus, has decided that Ferrero is the man to lead the club through what promises to be a very difficult chapter in its history.

Maurizio Scanavino has been made the general manager and Maurizio Arrivabene is continuing as the CEO until the new board is fully in place and he can step down with everyone else.

The news was announced by Exor in the following statement: “With reference to the resolutions passed yesterday by the Board of Directors of Juventus S.p.A and in view of the Shareholders’ Meeting convened for January 18, 2023, Exor announces its intention to nominate Gianluca Ferrero to the position of Chairman of the Company.”

That also insinuates that there will be nobody in place to make key footballing decisions until the latter stages of the January transfer window. The news first broke on Monday, November 28.

What is happening at Juventus?

The news is thought to be in relation to the fact that Juventus are being investigated for suspicious transfer activity whereby they allegedly inflated values of players for reasons of capital gains. The financial statements from 2018, 2019 and 2020 are being looked into by investigators. There may also be questions regarding allegedly deferred payments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Juventus’ board of directors consisted of AgnelliNedvedArrivabeneLaurence DebrouxMassimo Della RagioneKathryn FinkDaniela MarilungoFrancesco RoncaglioGiorgio Tacchia and Suzanne Heywood. The club confirmed that they had resigned on Monday night. 

Maurizio Arrivabene, Andrea Agnelli, Federico Cherubini and Pavel Nedved. (Photo: Getty.)

Big legal battles incoming for Juventus

Many senior journalists have been busy explaining that the club is getting itself ready for legal storms despite continuing to plead its innocence.

“There will be little room in the top management of the sports side. Juventus is gearing up to weather the legal storms with the belief that it will emerge victorious from these battles,” said Guido Vaciago, the editor of Tuttosport.

There has been no official word on whether Massimiliano Allegri is continuing in his role as head coach of the first team, but it seems highly unlikely that the club would sack him at this moment. He could decide that he does not wish to work under such conditions, but there is currently no suggestion of that.


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