Italian Football: A Look at Serie A


Knowing and understanding all the famous teams that compete in the Italian Serie A such as Juventus and AC Milan is great and a lot of focus is often put on each specific team, its players and managers and how individual games are looking. However, very rarely do sports analysts or fans take a step back and look at the entire machine that is First League Italian Football, which is otherwise known as the Serie A, the host of all the above-mentioned individual teams. It is one of the best football leagues in the whole world and yet, many know the name Juventus over Serie A, why is that?

This article aims to shed light on what the Italian Serie A is, how the structure works and take a critical approach to the things they are doing right and where improvement could be made.

Italian Football – Serie A

Many countries have their own league, the British have the famous Premier League and the Spanish have the La Liga. The Premier League is famous for its rigid structure and super loyal fans, many of whom take to using BonusFinder UK to get their own piece of the pie by placing a bet. La Liga, on the other hand, is known for its style and finesse in approaching the great game that is soccer. Then you have Italy which has its own Serie A. Its history is deeply rooted in the love of sports that the Italians have had and shared with each other for decades, if not centuries. 

Serie A was said to have been introduced in the 1929-1930 season, meaning that the league has been around for more than a century. Anything that lasts as long and still experiences such popularity, even 100 years later, should tell you just how much the Italians love their football and also, that the Italian fans are as loyal as they come. The Serie A format is set up much the same as any other first-division league. Players partake in games from lower levels, continuously working their way up the ladder until they hope to one day land in the first-division league. It is then the 20 best teams in the whole of Italy who partake in games to win the title of Serie A winner. With the amazing skill that most Italian teams possess and the natural flair with which they play, it is an extremely competitive league. This is probably why fans are so engaged, engrossed and supportive of the game, as extreme skill and precision are the things most on display with every game.

A Critical Approach

One thing is for sure, the Serie A is an establishment in its own right. However, over the past few years, it has been receiving backlash. To mention this is not to agree but rather to take a critical stance on how people perceive the world of Serie A. Many fans are criticizing that the league is not receiving as much attention as others, such as Premier League and La Liga. To be fair, if you look at the books, you will see that the two previously mentioned leagues both make and invest a lot more funds into increasing their visibility. The average marketing spend of the Premier League is the same amount that Serie A spends within a year. That is a telling figure. Furthermore, Serie A is not making as much as, for example, the Champions League because the Champions League is far bigger and includes some of the Italian teams, making it an unfair comparison. And yet, fans and investors often like to make these comparisons. 

Leagues, such as these, often make a lot of their income from selling their viewership rights (i.e., channels buy the right to stream the game on their platform) and then also make a lot from the advertisers who want to have their logo and brand sprawled across the sides of the stadium and during ad breaks. It is said that the teams who manage this area for Serie A are not as negotiation savvy as other leagues and have some catching up to do.

In conclusion, although many seem to think that Serie A needs to put a bit more work behind its marketing and process strategy, it remains one of the most beloved and popular leagues to date.


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