Italy and Spalletti’s “horror” Euro 2024 jacket: Azzurri’s Giorgio Armani “dressing gown” suits ridiculed

Luciano Spalletti's Euro 2024 jacket has caught a lot of attention this summer, most of it unwanted. Here's the reaction to the unusual Italy suit.

Italy Men's National Team coach Luciano Spalletti. (@Azzurri_ar)

In a competitive Group B at the 2024 European Championship, all eyes were always likely to be on the Italy Men’s National Team‘s every move this summer, both on and off the pitches in Germany. As a country with such deep ties to fashion, as well, it’s perhaps no surprise that some of the Azzurri‘s sartorial choices have been widely spoken about during this Euro 2024.

While Adidas’ match shirts and kits have been relatively positively received by fans of the Azzurri, their off-field attire isn’t as universally appreciated. Giorgio Armani have been responsible for the National Teams styling for a number of years now, but Italy’s Euro 2024 suits and jackets are seen by many as nothing more than eyesores. 

Luciano Spalletti‘s jacket has grabbed attention in Germany this summer. As written by Il Tirreno: “the fabric seems heavy, the national team crest on the pocket and the decidedly sizeable ‘Italia’ writing across the back are striking”.

Spalletti and Italy’s Euro 2024 jacket

Spalletti Italy Euro 2024
Italy Men’s National Team coach Luciano Spalletti at Euro 2024. [@Azzurri]

The suits first came to public attention around the officially Italy Men’s National Team squad photo for Euro 2024, days before the action got underway in Germany. Pairing a light-blue jacket with shirts that are something between light blue and white, and soft-black trousers was a decision that demanded – unwanted – attention.

Some noted the ill-fitting look of the jackets on the players, with the gaps between the collar of the jacket and the collar on the shirt striking.

Even more attention came the way of the jackets during the Azzurri’s opening game of Euro 2024 – a 2-1 comeback win over Albania.

“What is that jacket that Spalletti is wearing?” wondered some, with others getting more to the point and describing it as a “horror of Italian tailoring”.

Others labelled the look “embarrassing” and noted that the team looked more ready for bed than for a major tournament match, describing the jacket as being like a dressing gown.

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