Juventus capital gains: Paratici’s Tottenham job at risk following bans

Tottenham managing director Fabio Paratici has been handed a ban in relation to the Juventus capital gains scandal, and it could affect his job in the Premier League.


Fabio Paratici is now at risk of losing his job as the Managing Director at Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur following the ban he received in relation to the Juventus capital gains scandal.

Paratici is one of 11 individuals that have been banned by the Federal Court of Appeal in the same ruling that has resulted in a 15-point deduction for Juventus which applies to the current Serie A season, dropping them to 11th in the standings ahead of their Matchday 19 fixture against Atalanta.

What ban has Tottenham’s Paratici received?

Paratici started working at Juventus in 2010 after moving from Sampdoria along with Beppe Marotta, who now works at Inter. He began as Head of Technical Affairs and Sporting Director. He remained with the club until May 2021 when he moved to Tottenham to become their Managing Director.

The Italian has been handed the largest ban out of the eleven individuals in question, as he is now banned from working within the FIGC for 30 months.

According to TMW, the kicker for Tottenham is that the ban, as could everyone else’s, may be extended to apply to UEFA and FIFA as well, which puts his job at Tottenham at serious risk.

Current Tottenham coach Antonio Conte is rumoured to be close to leasing his job, which adds another level of disarray to the situation.

What is happening at Juventus?

The news that originally broke on November 28, 2022, when the entire Juventus board resigned came as the club were being investigated for suspicious transfer activity whereby they allegedly inflated values of players for reasons of capital gains. The financial statements from 2018, 2019 and 2020 are being looked into by investigators. There may also be questions regarding allegedly deferred payments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the spring and summer of 2020, as many as 23 Juventus players agreed to reduce their salaries over a four-month period at the club. This was thought to be to help the club navigate its way through a trying financial period. But, it has since been alleged that the players’ salaries were paid, but in a way that would have permitted for tax payments to be avoided by both club and player and for it to seem as though Juventus’ books balanced. Should these accusations be proven, the club would face charges of financial fraud.

Who resigned from Juventus?

Prior to that night of November 28, 2022, Juventus’ board of directors consisted of AgnelliNedvedArrivabeneLaurence DebrouxMassimo Della RagioneKathryn FinkDaniela MarilungoFrancesco RoncaglioGiorgio Tacchia and Suzanne Heywood. The club confirmed that they had resigned then, in late-November. 


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