Juventus could face further capital gains punishment

After being hit with a 15-point deduction on Friday, Juventus are at risk of more punishment amidst an investigation into undeclared wage payments.


The capital gains scandal engulfing Juventus is far from over, with the Bianconeri now at risk of facing a further penalty after allegations of failing to declare payment of wages.

Serie A and the wider footballing world was left stunned on Friday as the Federal Court of Appeal handed Juventus a 15-point deduction, to be carried out with immediate effect, as part of an investigation into capital gains fraud.

According to Corriere dello Sport, the Turin club could be set to face more points deductions, as the second part of the investigation continues.

Undeclared wage payments at centre of investigation

Juventus are accused of manoeuvring salaries of players during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, when professional football in Italy was postponed amidst lockdowns and measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus in the first half of 2020.

With revenues substantially cut due to closed stadia and no means of bringing in a steady cashflow, Juventus were amongst a host of clubs to formally agree to defer wages to players.

In the spring and summer of 2020, 23 members of the Bianconeri squad publicly agreed to reduce their wages over a four-month period. However, it is alleged that Juventus paid three months’ worth of salaries in a way that would have permitted for tax payments to be avoided by both club and player and for it to seem as though Juventus’ books balanced.

It is reported that whilst Juventus claimed to have saved €90 million in wages over that period, they did in fact only forego payment of one month, and ensured that the players received their outstanding amounts without Italy’s tax and revenue office being notified.

The Juventus players greet the fans. [@juventusfcen]

Juventus facing another points deduction?

Corriere dello Sport report that the Turin Prosecutor’s Office have evidence of financial fraud and irregular accounting, as well as false communications to the stock market.

This is in the form of communications between senior figures at the club, and the investigation is gathering speed.

In addition to the 15-point penalty, which saw them drop from third in the Serie A table to 10th, Juventus are now facing the prospect of another significant sanction.

Indeed, it is expected that should they be found guilty, the Bianconeri will be hit with another hefty points deduction.


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