Massimiliano Allegri: What mistakes must the Juventus coach avoid in the 2023/24 season?

It seems that Massimiliano Allegri will still be at Juventus next season, so what should the Italian coach have learned from the previous difficult campaign?


Juventus had a season to forget in 2022/23, finishing seventh in Serie A and only just qualifying for the Europa Conference League. The capital gains investigation impacted the club on and off the pitch, but it is evident that coach Massimiliano Allegri made his share of errors.

In typical Allegri fashion, the Bianconeri struggled to control games and failed to get the best out of many key players. Despite these issues, La Vecchia Signora also had to deal with injuries, which forced them to try out more players from the youth system.

La Gazzetta dello Sport identified many key areas where Allegri can improve this Juventus side for 2023/24, and use that to build some foundations for the future.

Allegri must make changes to his approach to coaching Juventus

Allegri needs to improve on his starts to Serie A campaigns. When he returned in 2021/22, he collected just five out of a possible 15 points in the opening five rounds, and in 2022/23, he improved on it marginally, earning nine out of the 15 available.

The Juventus coach is not afraid to experiment with his formation, trying 100 different combinations since he returned in the summer of 2021. However, this gives his squad uncertainty and it makes them feel disorientated. There has been a lack of reference points and players are used out of position, so the 55-year-old needs to develop some stability within the squad and place his players in positions that play to their strengths.

Allegri also needs to give his team a clear game plan to follow. Often criticised for his dour tactics, Juventus‘ problems go beyond aesthetics. The Bianconeri have difficulty transitioning from defence to attack, and finishing their chances. The Italian giants need to be less reliant on moments of individual brilliance to achieve results and become a more cohesive unit.

The Livorno native has been criticised for not trusting young players in the past, and the growing injury list forced him to promote more players from the Juventus Next Gen team. Nicolo Fagioli was the standout of all the former Under-23 players and he became a regular starter. With this in mind, Allegri should have more comfort when it comes to integrating youngsters into the senior squad.

Juventus coach Massimilano Allegri gestures. (REUTERS/Alberto Lingria)

Allegri must improve mental approach

Juventus demonstrated that they can be team full of confidence in one match, then totally shattered in the next one. Allegri needs his squad to have greater focus throughout matches, not switch off in key moments, and continue their momentum. There were games in which the Bianconeri won by comprehensive margins as well as games in which they were embarrassed by the opponent.

La Vecchia Signora must improve in big games. They only won one game in the Champions League in 2022/23, failed to muster a strong comeback against Inter in the Coppa Italia semi-finals, and they were timid in the Europa League semi-finals against Sevilla. Whether it was nerves or cautious tactics, Allegri must address these problems.

Juventus must rectify fitness issues

For all of Allegri’s flaws as a coach, he has had to deal with an abundance of injuries since returning to Juventus two seasons ago. There are times when he mindlessly changes his starting line-up, but there are situations in which those changes are forced.

Jose Mourinho and Massimiliano Allegri greet one another before Juventus face AS Roma. (REUTERS/Massimo Pinca)

Muscular injuries have been a particular concern, and Giovanni Andreini, who was hired to assess the performance area, will have a greater role in the conditioning and treatment of players.

Allegri and his squad must handle the press better

If Allegri is going to declare a press silence, he must convince his whole squad that it is necessary and that they should focus on their football. Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny said two years ago that if he wanted to win, he would not have signed for the Bianconeri.

Whether it was a slip or a tongue-in-cheek remark, La Vecchia Signora cannot afford to draw any bad press to the squad and the club as a whole.


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