Massimiliano Allegri sacked by Juventus: Coppa Italia fury provides excuse for Cristiano Giuntoli to wield power

Juventus sacked Massimiliano Allegri after his behaviour at the Coppa Italia final, and now sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli must seize the opportunity that has been created.


Juventus made the decision to sack Massimiliano Allegri from his role as head coach in the wake of his antics during and after the Coppa Italia final triumph over Atalanta.

The Italian coach has been under a lot of pressure this season and it seemed to boil over in the dying minutes of their 1-0 win over La Dea at the Stadio Olimpico, as he was sent off for screaming in the face of the fourth official and ripping some of his clothing off in a wild rage.

That presumably would not have been enough for Juventus to sack Allegri, but he didn’t calm down during the celebrations with his players on the pitch as he was seen angrily waving away, supposedly, sporting director Cristiano Guintoli.

Why did Juventus sack Massimiliano Allegri?

If this news had come in two week’s time, it would not have been a shock. Juventus‘ season lost momentum a long time ago and they could still end the Serie A campaign in fifth place. That is a Champions League spot, but at one stage they looked like credible opponents for Inter in the title race. The closest they can finish to Inter now is 17 points behind.

The only argument for Allegri staying was if he won the Coppa Italia, which he did. As it turns out, that was his undoing. The cameras captured some clear anger towards Juventus executives who made their way onto the pitch at full-time, and this has not been tolerated.

As part of Juventus‘ official statement said: “The exoneration follows certain behaviours during and after the Coppa Italia final that the club deemed incompatible with the values of Juventus and the behaviour that those who represent it should have.

“It ends a period of collaboration, which began in 2014, restarted in 2021 and ended, after the previous three seasons together, with the Italian Cup final.”

Allegri‘s outburst at the officials before the game ended does seem to have been lumped in, as the statement says ‘during and after’.

Was this a convenient situation for Juventus and Giuntoli?

Various reports suggest that Cristiano Giuntoli, who arrived in the summer of 2023 from Napoli, and Massimiliano Allegri, do not get on and the director has been plotting for Allegri to be replaced come the end of the season.

This outburst looks to have given the club an excuse to part ways with Allegri for more than sporting reasons and begin the hunt for a new coach, with Bologna‘s Thiago Motta supposedly the favourite.

A close friend and former mentor of Allegri, Giovanni Galeone, spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport and explained: “Max‘s dismissal is an injustice, but at this point it’s better this way. If Max and Giuntoli don’t get along, it’s better to part ways. I’ve known Max for years: if he blurted out like that the other night, there must surely have been something serious that triggered his reaction. Not to mention that the penalty not given to [Dusan] Vlahovic was impossible not to award.”

Just as an amusing aside, Allegri was dismissed for the first time by Juventus in 2019, which was announced on May 17, as was this dismissal.

The feeling now is that Giuntoli is at the centre of operations at Juventus and wields genuine power. He is tasked with helping to appoint Allegri‘s replacement, and then build a squad that can close the gap to Inter at the top and give a proper showing in the Champions League.


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