Bringing an end to a turbulent few days in Italian women’s football – or at least a pause – Pomigliano have officially gone back on their decision to withdraw from Serie A Femminile. The decision to pull their women’s first team from the Italian top flight came on the evening of Saturday, November 4, with Matchday 6 still ongoing and after their defeat to fellow relegation rivals Sampdoria.

While the Pantere have been dealing with and trying to find a way to balance off-field problems since the summer, which had put their very participation in the 2023/24 season in doubt, the club issued a furious statement after the Sampdoria game, citing “invisible opponents” and a “made-up penalty” given to the Ligurian side as the final straw in their reasons for leaving Serie A Femminile.

Now, and unsurprisingly, Pomigliano have taken a U-turn on their decision to pull out of the competition.

Pomigliano to stay in Serie A Femminile, reversing their decision to withdraw

In a press release issued on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, Pomigliano announced that they would be staying in Serie A Femminile. The full statement is as follows:

“This is a choice of responsibility taken in defence of the women’s football movement, the season, our players and all of our staff. These are the reasons that have led us to reverse our decision, which was drastic and decisive, taken on Saturday evening after the game against Sampdoria.

“We will continue our league campaign and take to the field against Inter on Sunday, in the hope that the unwritten rules of sporting loyalty will be respected and maintained. We hope that this backwards step will not be interpreted as an act of weakness, and we remain true to our beliefs and move forward with our heads held high, strengthened by the solidarity of sportspeople who believe in the values that sport express in the purest form.

Pomigliano Femminile will continue to represent Campania and the South, with the heart and passion that has always set it apart. We want to continue to go against the big national football institutions on the pitch, and to not have to fight against invisible opponents, to continue trying to achieve, with all of our strength, a third consecutive survival [against relegation].”

Pomigliano face Inter on Matchday 7 of the Serie A Femminile season before the derby against Napoli Femminile, which is an early relegation six-pointer. The Pantere are currently bottom and without a point, while the Azzurre are a place and a point above them.