New Serie A kit rules: Single-colour away kits, goalkeeper-specific designs, special-edition shirts…

Serie A is set to introduce new rules around kits in 2023, and Napoli aren't likely to be too pleased.


Serie A is set to introduce new rules around kits from the 2023/24 season, seeing a lot of changes to regulations around away kits, goalkeeper kits, and special-edition designs as well.

The 2022/23 season saw the introduction of the banning of green shirts for clubs that do not traditionally wear green, although AC Milan and Puma have been able to launch and wear a green-heavy design. More changes are set to come around what is allowed in a Serie A kit from 2023/23.

It has not been specified whether or not these changes will also apply to Serie A Femminile

What are Serie A’s new kit regulations?

The most notable change to Serie A’s kit regulations from the 2023/24 season will concern away shirts. Calcio e Finanza have reported that the new guidelines will suggest that it will be “preferable to provide single-colour options” for away kits and “any others” for which it is possible to do so. 

This change would, for example, mean Torino need to present their away kit as being all-white – with shirt, shorts and socks being the same colour – as opposed to the current white shirt and maroon shorts combination. The idea is to allow for an easier solution to be found to avoid kit pairings that make for a hard time distinguishing between the two teams.

Serie A goalkeeper kit regulations

Parma goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon wearing the club’s away shirt. (Photo: Parma Calcio)

There is also a change coming for goalkeeper’s kits. Currently, clubs are required to have at least two goalkeeper’s kits, and that minimum requirement will become three from 2023/24.

In truth, not all that much appears to be changing regarding goalkeeper shirts. Serie A sides often see goalkeepers wearing alternative outfield kits in games, and that appears as though it will still be allowed.

The new regulations will demand a minimum of two goalkeeper-specific kits to be presented, but three in all. That should allow for an outfield kit to be listed as a goalkeeper kit as well as Calcio e Finanza say that “at least two of the goalkeeper kits must be different from outfield kits”. It will be required that the three goalkeeper kits are completely contrasting with one another.

Limited-edition kits

Atalanta’s 2017 version of their special-edition Christmas shirt, an annual tradition of La Dea’s. They then auction the shirts off for charity. (@Atalanta_BC)

Napoli’s kit count for 2021/22 was well into double figures, and they are likely to be the team most affected by the changes in rules around celebratory kits. 

Decorative elements will not be able to include lettering or numbering, and the colour must not “compromise the predominant colour of the kit”. They can also not show any commercial products or trademarks.

These one-off designs can include designs that are linked to the coat of arms of the city, nicknames or abbreviations of club names, or symbols that are associated with the club or representative of celebratory events connected to the club.


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