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Stadio San Siro capacity: Why are some sections of San Siro closed and attendances limited?

Attendances at the San Siro are limited until the end of the 2022/23 season at the earliest, but why are parts of the stadium closed?

A goal is scored at the Stadio San Siro between AC Milan and Udinese. (REUTERS/Daniele Mascolo)

AC Milan and Inter will have to settle for having no more than 75,817 fans inside the San Siro Stadium until at least the end of this 2022/23 Serie A season. There can currently be 26,329 in the first ring, 32,401 in the second ring and 19,545 in the third ring.

Until the end of the 2022/23 campaign though, there will never be more than 75,817 fans inside the stadium, according to a report from Calcio e Finanza.

What is the capacity of San Siro?

The different attendance figure has been very carefully crafted to make sure that certain parts of the ground are not used by fans. The full capacity is supposed to be 78,275.

It is certain sectors of the third red ring that are blocked off – three central sectors in the top tier of each curva. They are 325, 327, 328, 331, 333 and 334. These sections being closed means that more fans are closer to the action on the pitch rather than being up in the skies. That is not why the measure was taken though.

Why are some parts of San Siro closed?

It seems that the reason for the lack of a fully open San Siro is down to structural reasons. It has been reported that it is not safe to have the entire stadium full if fans are going to be jumping up and down in unison.

That may not make for great reading for visitors as it can’t be an exact science to decide what number is safe and what number isn’t.

Whilst it is not by a major amount, this limits the amount of money that the two Milan clubs – Inter and AC Milan – can make from each of their home matches at the San Siro in all competitions.

Public debate begins on new San Siro

The situation with the capacity is a very good example of why Inter and AC Milan are so desperate to get into a new stadium that they own.

There has been some progress recently as the public debate began at the end of September 2022.

AC Milan line up ahead of a Champions League game in front of their curva sud. (REUTERS/Daniele Mascolo)

A company called Avventura Urbana Srl has been entrusted with the process, as reported by ANSA.

It is expected that the new stadium will have a capacity of around 60,000 seats (all of which should be safe to use) and there will be a lot of green space around the stadium. Current projections suggest that the stadium could be ready by 2027 and the overall project completed by 2030.



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