The Legends of AS Roma: Top 6 Players of All Time


Associazione Sportiva Roma, commonly referred to as AS Roma, is a football club that has a spot deep within the heart of Italian sports. From its creation back in the old days of 1927, the football club has been home to numerous GOATs, contributing immensely not only to Italian football but also to the sport on a global level. Here is a quick look at the top 6 players who have done just that, donning the Giallorossi jersey and leaving a huge mark on Italian football through their extraordinary skills, leadership, and unforgettable moments that have etched their names in the history of AS Roma. These are the players you would have bet on to win big at our online casino had you been a punter during their reign, although you might be able to find other players that embody the same panache these did at their peak.

1. Francesco Totti

The aptly dubbed Il Capitano, Francesco Totti is not just another Italian footballer but a historic symbol of AS Roma. His loyalty, dedication, and love for the club itself are unparalleled by anyone else in the history of it. Over his 25-year career, Totti has had over 600 appearances in matches. In those 600 matches, Totti has scored more than 250 goals, making him the top scorer and the player with the most appearances in the club’s history. His technical skill, vision, and ability to score from virtually anywhere on the field have made him a footballing icon, and certainly show how he was a force to be reckoned with during his time on the field, which unfortunately came to end when he retired back in 2017 in a match against Genoa. Totti’s contributions go beyond numbers; his leadership on and off the pitch galvanized the team and fans alike, embodying the spirit of Rome.

2. Daniele De Rossi

Another embodiment of loyalty and grit at AS Roma, Daniele De Rossi spent nearly two decades with the club, making 459 appearances on the field. Known for his tough tackling, incredible stamina, and versatile playing abilities, De Rossi was the heart of Roma’s midfield and commanded a presence that was almost unmatched. His commitment to the club was evident in his passionate play and leadership qualities, serving as Totti’s successor as captain (which were some big shoes to fill nonetheless). De Rossi’s influence as a captain and teammate extended beyond the pitch, marking him as a significant member of the club that easily earned a spot on this list.

3. Roberto Pruzzo

Roberto Pruzzo is another easy entry on this list, although fans who just started following Roma in the 2000s might not be familiar with him. Pruzzo was a striking force to be reckoned with during the late 1970s and 1980s, and was well known for his incredible goal-scoring abilities, finding gaps in even the best goalkeeper’s defense. Pruzzo led Serie A in scoring multiple times during his career and even played a pivotal role in Roma’s 1982-83 Serie A win—their second-ever Scudetto and one of their many Serie A triumps. His aerial ability, positioning, and finishing made him a nightmare for defenders, carving his name in Roma’s history as one of the greatest forwards to have played for the football club to this day.

4. Aldair Nascimento dos Santos

Known simply as Aldair, the Brazilian defender, spent over a decade at Roma, becoming a cornerstone of their defense and becoming well regarded as one of the best defenders in history. Aldair’s calm demeanor, exceptional positioning, and ability to read the game were pivotal in Roma’s 2000-01 Serie A victory. Contrary to what you might think, his contributions were not only limited to defense; his skill on the ball and ability to initiate plays from the back of the field made him an invaluable asset to the club. He was revered by fans and respected by teammates, embodying the club’s values of determination and resilience, especially during his time as captain. His number 6 jersey was retired after his time with the club in 2003. 

5. Gabriel Batistuta

Adding to this illustrious list, Gabriel Batistuta, the Argentine powerhouse, deserves special mention for his impactful stint with AS Roma. Although his time at the club was relatively brief compared to the other legends, Batistuta’s contribution was pivotal in securing the Scudetto for Roma in the 2000-01 season. Known for his lethal finishing, powerful shots, and aerial dominance, Batistuta quickly became a fan favorite, leaving a lasting impression with his passion and scoring ability. His arrival at Roma marked one of the most significant signings in the club’s history, underlining their ambition and his status as one of football’s greatest strikers.


AS Roma’s history is rich with talented players who have left a lasting legacy. Selecting the top 5 is a testament to their impact on the club and its supporters. These legends not only achieved individual greatness but also lifted their teammates, contributing to the collective success and enduring legacy of Roma. They embodied the values of passion, loyalty, and excellence, making them true icons of the club. As AS Roma continues to move forward, the stories of these players will forever inspire future generations, reminding them of the honor and pride associated with wearing the Giallorossi jersey.


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