Juventus getting ready for ‘legal storms’

The Tuttosport editor thinks there is a lot more to come in the Juventus affair following the board resignations, and the club knows it.


The editor of Italian newspaper Tuttosport has said that Juventus are getting themselves ready for ‘legal storms’ after the club’s entire board resigned on Monday.

The huge news broke on Monday, November 28 and saw the likes of Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved and Maurizio Arrivabene have their departures from the club announced by Juventus in an official statement.

Arrivabene is going to continue as the CEO until the new board is in place, but the other members are leaving the club immediately.

Juventus’ board of directors consisted of AgnelliNedvedArrivabeneLaurence DebrouxMassimo Della RagioneKathryn FinkDaniela MarilungoFrancesco RoncaglioGiorgio Tacchia and Suzanne Heywood. The club confirmed that they had resigned on Monday night. 

Andrea Agnelli and Pavel Nedved. (Photo: Getty)

Why has Juventus’ board resigned?

The news is thought to be in relation to the fact that Juventus are being investigated for suspicious transfer activity whereby they allegedly inflated values of players for reasons of capital gains. The financial statements from 2018, 2019 and 2020 are being looked into by investigators. There may also be questions regarding allegedly deferred payments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking during an interview with Sky Sport, Tuttosport editor Guido Vaciago explained that the resignations have occurred so that the club can defend itself better.

“What is coming from the club and the ownership is the intention to build a new Juventus to defend itself better,” Vaciago said.

Juventus wants to defend itself against both Consob and the Prosecutor’s Office, a split arose within the CDA because not everyone agreed.

“This rift weakened Juventus in the defence, which is why it was decided to reset the top management.”

Juventus expect ‘a legal storm’

Vaciago also suggested that the story is far from over and Juventus know that they are going to be under some serious legal spotlight in the near future.

“The ownership will then establish a new CDA. [Maurizio] Scanavino is [Lapo] Elkann’s man; it will be a Juventus of technicians, experts in law and administration,” Vaciago explained.

“There will be little room in the top management of the sports side. Juventus is gearing up to weather the legal storms with the belief that it will emerge victorious from these battles.

“Will [Andrea] Angelli’s be a final farewell? It’s difficult to say, the judicial affair will take a long time. I can also speculate on a return of Andrea Agnelli if there is a positive conclusion of the affair.”


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