What is Ventura’s name: Is the ex-Italy and Torino boss called Gian Piero, Giampiero or Gianpiero?

Do you know what ex-Italy coach Ventura's first name is? Is it Gian Piero, Giampiero, or Gianpiero? He's been referred to as all of the above, so much so that even he seems confused by what his forename actually is, but he is at least clear about what it isn't.


After the embarrassing failure of the Italy Men’s National Team to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, although repeated four years later, the name of then-coach Gian Piero Ventura became even more famous around the globe. Did anyone really know the name of the veteran tactician, though?

Multiple publications and websites have listed the former Torino coach in various guises, from Gian Piero, to Giampiero and even Gianpiero. Some of the most well-respected sources have even used different versions within their outlets, which has only increased the confusion around his correct forename.

Ventura’s name: Gian Piero, Giampiero or Gianpiero?

Ventura, as Italy boss. (@Azzurri_en)

You might have assumed that the Italian Football Federationthe FIGC, as the highest governing body in Italian football and having been Ventura‘s employers, would get it right. However, despite the use of Gian Piero on the staff page when in charge, there were 15 more references to him under Giampiero. That was an inconsistency also replicated on the CONI – the Italian Olympic Committee – website as well.

The official websites of Serie A and FIFA used Giampiero on their platforms, while UEFA went with Gian Piero. Former club Torino continued the trend of uncertainty and used both Gian Piero and Giampiero, but mainly the latter.

A Google search served up 435,000 results for Giampiero nd 615,000 for Gian Piero.

Even on La Gazzetta dello Sport’s website, Giampiero outnumbered references to Gian Piero by more than four to one. Although they also had Gianpiero as one word cited multiple times. Another well-respected source, Panini stickers, has used Giampiero for years. Other than a few Gian Piero stickers from his time coaching Bari.

What is the correct spelling of Ventura’s forename?

Shortly after being appointed Italy coach, Ventura confirmed during an appearance on chat show Che Tempo Che Fa that his officially registered birth name is actually Gian Piero, but Giampiero had practically become a stage name because of the amount others had used it over the years.

However, he told host Fabio Fazio that the confusion had also cost him during his career, “because so many attributed his efforts as Giampiero and it stuck”. This is probably why his official website, giampieroventura.net, uses his unofficial moniker.

Ventura, as Italy boss. (@Azzurri_en)

Therefore, both Gian Piero and Giampiero appear suitable for use, but never Gianpiero.

Confused? Well, even Gian PieroGiampierohe is, so you should be!


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