Who is Juventus’ all-time record goalscorer?

Juventus have had their fair share of superb goalscorers over the years, but there is one man who sits far above his nearest challengers.

Juventus' Alessandro Del Piero. (@juventusfcen)

Juventus may be regarded as the pantomime villain of Italian football, but they have had some truly incredible goalscorers down the years that have led them to more Serie A titles than any other club.

Ironically, they are in something of a striker crisis coming into the 2023/24 season as there is a willingness to sell Dusan Vlahovic should the right bid come in, and a desire to sign Romelu Lukaku who has been struggling for a home since his loan deal at Inter ended.

The likes of David Trezeguet, Roberto Baggio, Paulo Dybala, Michel Platini, Cristiano Ronaldo and Filippo Inzaghi have all led the line for Juventus in the past, but there is one man who has got an incredible lead over everyone else that will not be beaten for a very, very long time.

Who is Juventus’ highest-ever goalscorer?

The answer to these questions can often be an extremely historical name that the average fan has never heard of, but that is not the case here. The top scorer in Juventus‘ history is none other than Alessandro Del Piero.

Playing for Juventus between 1993 and 2012, the Italian striker was simply prolific. He made 705 appearances for the Bianconeri and managed to score 290 goals. For context, that is 105 goals more than the second-highest scorer in Juventus‘ history.

Across the 705 appearances, Del Piero scored a goal every 169 minutes. Whilst we’re focused on goals here, he was a very creative player for his teammates as well, getting 178 assists for Juventus.

Names from yesteryear dominate Juventus’ top 10

Whilst Del Piero, in the grand scheme of things, is a fairly recent name, a lot of those that makeup Juventus‘ all-time goalscorers list are from a very long time ago.

Second and third on the list were born in 1928 and 1950 respectively, and they are Giampiero Boniperti and Roberto Bottega. They got 185 and 179 goals. Seven of the 10 players were born in 1950 or earlier, with the oldest being born in 1901.

In terms of the more modern names, French striker David Trezeguet made it up to fourth place thanks to his incredible displays in Turin, whilst Roberto Baggio made quite the splash during his time at Juventus.

Top 10: Juventus all-time goalscorers

  1. Alessandro Del Piero – 290 goals
  2. Giampiero Boniperti – 185 goals
  3. Roberto Bettega – 179 goals
  4. David Trezeguet – 171 goals
  5. Omar Sivori – 165 goals
  6. Felice Borel – 154 goals
  7. Pietro Anastasi – 130 goals
  8. John Hansen – 126 goals
  9. Federico Munerati – 118 goals
  10. Roberto Baggio – 115 goals