Who are the top 5 soccer teams in 2023?


In Italy, the country has Serie A or the Serie A TIM, the professional league competition for the country’s football clubs. Not just anyone can participate, except for the top clubs of the Italian football league system. 

It’s one of the most awaited national sports events, and the Serie A has just concluded its 121 seasons of top-tier Italian football event last June 4, 2023. 

With that said, who do you think are the current top Italian football teams? To enlighten you, here are the top teams you can follow.


Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli, or simply SSC Napoli, is a professional football club from Italy based in Naples. It was a great season for the SSC Napoli fans because the team secured their third scudetto and lifted the Coppa Campioni d’Italia. Aside from that, Napoli has also earned six Coppa Italia titles, one UEFA Cups, and two Supercoppa Italiana titles. 

Although the team experienced little success in their early years, they secured their major trophy in 1926, and since then, they’ve earned increased success. After a change in their system, they continue to earn more league titles. 

According to the football database, the team just took ten leaps from their past ranking and is now the top Italian football team. 


Società Sportiva Lazio is a famous Italian professional sports club that represents Rome. They are one of the two football clubs based in Rome, known for their white and sky blue home and logo colors. It’s for the same reason that they’re also occasionally referred to as the Biancocelesti. 

Furthermore, this team is popular for various reasons, including being a bearer of 16 titles. Although SS Lazio is yet to win a significant European trophy, their presence is very well known across Italy due to winning two Serie A titles, seven Coppa Italia, three Supercoppa Italiana, and also UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and UEFA Super Cup. It’s safe to say that SS Lazio stayed in the top tier of Italian football. 

Inter Milan

Inter Milan comes third in this list after finishing the Serie A in the same place. Inter Milan or formally known as the Football Club Internazionale Milano (casually referred to as Internazionale or Inter), is based in Milan. 

Since its foundation, Inter Milan has been participating in top-tier Italian football competitions and earning several titles. Also, the team shares the same home pitch with AC Milan, which means they are direct rivals. 

Moreover, both teams also own 18 titles, making them the same tier in most Serie A titles. However, Inter Milan has seven Coppa Italias, two more than AC Milan, and two fewer titles in Supercoppa Italiana with their five. Aside from that, Inter Milan also has three UEFA Champions League titles, which makes them the team with the second-most of these titles, just four less than AC Milan. 

To add to their already long list of achievements, Inter also owns three UEFA Europa Leagues, making them 39 titles in total. 

AC Milan

Next on this list is AC Milan finished fourth in the 2022-23 Serie A, the second team representing Milan. Milan used only to have a single football club until an argument reached an impasse; a group of former AC Milan players established their football called Internazionale Milano or Inter Milan. 

Fortunately, with the help of an online sportsbook, you can easily keep a close eye on your preferred Milan team and bet on your favorite team by signing up for one. Furthermore, Associazione Calcio Milan, or AC Milan was established 123 years ago and has participated in Serie A since 1929-30. Since then, the club has owned five Coppa Italia titles and seven Supercoppa Italiana titles, which are 12 Serie A titles. 

Aside from that, they have also earned seven titles in the European football scene, and to add, they also earned five UEFA Super Cups and one FIFA Club World Cup, the most prestigious one so far. Compared to Italian football, you can consider AC Milan as the frontrunner in this scene. 


Last on this list is the Juventus or Juventus Football Club. The team also earned the nickname La Vecchia Signora, or the Old Lady in English. Although they ended Serie A in seventh place, Juve is on a different level. 

The recent Serie A can hardly invalidate their worth as one of the top football clubs in Italy regarding domestic success. Juventus have won 68 titles since their foundation in 1897, 36 of which are Serie A titles.

Juventus also boasts nine Supercoppa Italiana titles, 14 Coppa Italia titles, two UEFA Champions Leagues, two Intercontinental Cups, and one European Cup Winners’ Cup. Moreover, in the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio classification, Juventus stands sixth in Europe and 12th in the world with the most confederation titles won. 

In addition to that, they’re also fourth in the all-time UEFA competitions ranking.

Final Thoughts

Italy is also a powerhouse of the best soccer teams in the world. So, soccer fans keep a close eye on many of their teams. If you’re also the same, it’s always interesting to witness many of them on the field. 

After you get to know the ones mentioned above, you know who usually runs and dominates the Italian field. Though “best soccer team” is still relative, their achievements are undeniable.


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