Italian football has always had a reputation for being somewhat tricky and unstable for coaches, given how trigger-happy many club presidents can be, and that is as true to the women’s game as it is to the men’s. As a result, it can be hard to keep up to date with who is in charge of any Women’s Serie A side at any time.

To make things easier, we have put together a list – which will be updated as and when there are changes throughout the course of the 2024/25 season – compiling every coach to take charge in the Women’s Serie A this season.

Whether there are changes at AS Roma at the top, or those battling it out in the Poule Salvezza – where AC Milan remarkably found themselves last season – you’ll find out about them here. So bookmark, save, and come back to this article whenever you are left wondering who the coaches in Women’s Serie A are.

Women’s Serie A 2024/25: Every coach

AS Roma Women midfielder Giada Greggi celebrates scoring with coach Alessandro Spugna. (@ASRomaWomen)

AC Milan

Como Women

  • TBC


  • Sebastian De La Fuente


Sassuolo Women’s Manuela Sciabica celebrates with coach Gianpiero Piovani. (Photo: US Sassuolo Calcio)


  • Massimiliano Canzi


  • Gianluca Grassadonia (TBC)

Napoli Femminile

  • Biagio Seno (TBC)

AS Roma

  • Alessandro Spugna


  • TBC


  • Gian Loris Rossi