Serie A Femminile will officially be a professional league from 2022/23

The top tier of women's football in Italy will final become professional from 2022/23 on.


Serie A Femminile will be a professional league from the 2022/23 season onwards after receiving confirmation from the Federal Council.

A meeting today concluded with the final approval of the last disciplinary regulations needed. This means that Italy’s league will join the likes of the English WSL and Spanish Primera Division in having an entirely professional division rather than an amateur one.

The president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, called it an ‘important day’ and also said: “Finally there are the rules governing the activity and practice of professionalism in women’s football.”

Luisa Rizzitelli, president of Assist – the Italian National Association of female athletes – said of the news: “Today is a good day for Italian soccer: since the birth of the Federcalcio, back in 1898, never has a woman had access to professionalism.

“But today, with an announcement like this, we know that women footballers will finally be recognised as professionals, just as men can be. The news is a good thing for Italian football and for women footballers.”

The current Serie A Femminile season has two games to go and Juventus have a five-point lead over Roma at the top.


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